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At Canby Landscape, we strive to be your ultimate Landscaping Supply Store. We work hard to bring you quality Products at affordable prices. Our guaranteed low prices and well stocked inventory mean you don’t have to wait to start your next project.


Medium Fresh Fir [Bright Red]
Medium Dark Fir [Dark Brown]
Fine Dark Fir [Dark Brown]
Medium Bright Hemlock [Bright Red]
Medium Dark Hemlock [Dark Brown]
Nugget Bark [ Fir Bright Red]
Pebble Bark [ Fir Bright Red]
Cedar Chips
Walk-On [Fir]


 Concrete Sand [ Washed sand for fill, Leveling patios, Horse arenas, and Pathways]

Mason Sand [ Washed sand, Very fine masonry, recreation, and pool]

Beach Sand [ Oregon Coast Sand used for Horse arenas, Volleyball courts, sand boxes]

Compost & Blended Soils

Fine Compost [Fine ground decomposed yard debris]
Dairy Compost [ Composted Dairy Manure]
2-Way mix [ Sandy Loam Topsoil mixed with fine compost]
3-Way [Sand, Compost, Fine Dark Bark]
Canby Blend [ A mix of fine compost, sandy loam, Dairy Compost, and Bark]
Top Soil [ Sandy Loam Topsoil]

Round Rock

Pea Gravel[ 3/8-1/4 Landscape and Walk ways]
Drain Rock [1 1/2-3/4  Drain Rock, Landscape areas]
Concrete Rock [ 3/4-3/8 Drain Rock, Landscape areas]
Willamette 2-8" [ Drain Rock, Landscape areas, Ponds]
Salt and Pepper [ Concrete rock & Concrete sand blended for cement]
1-1/2'-3/4 Canadian [Multi-color Drain Rock. Landscape,Ponds, Decorative]
2"-8" Canadian [ Multi- Color Landscape, Ponds, Decorative]
8"-18" River Rock [Large Smooth rock for ponds, waterfalls, and landscape]

Crushed Rock

1-1/2"-0 Cr [Compacts for road base]

3/4"-0 Cr [ Most popular for driveways, and roads]

1/4"-0 Cr [Compacts for pathways or sidewalks base]

1/4"-0 Cr  Black [ Decorative, compacts for pathways]

1/2"-1/4" Cr [Crushed rock that doesn't compact]

1/4"-8 Cr [ Doesn't Compact, stays clean]

Pavers, Patio Tiles, Stepping Stones and more

We offer a broad variety of patio tiles, Pavers, Concrete retaining wall blocks, and Stepping stones.


Molalla Boulders [ Angular shaped Landscape rock Black, and Gray]
Black Basalt [Wall rock 1/2-1 man size]
Eastern Oregon Moss [Brown Lava w/Green, Black Lichen, Football Size]
Montana 6" Ledgestone [ Montana glacial, multicolored]
Nehalem Boulders [ Angular shaped Landscape Rock Light Bluish Gray]
Camas Gray Basalt [Wall Rock 1/2-1 man size stack-able rock]
Column Rocks


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Canby Landscape has been serving the Canby, Molalla and surrounding areas for 20+ years. Our customers are our number one priority, and we’re committed to helping them successfully complete their home renovations and repairs. Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional builder, we’ve got the supplies you need.

At Canby Landscape, our professional team is here to answer any and all questions you may have about our products. Our high-quality brands of materials and supplies are durable and affordable. 

We carry various kinds of Bark, Sawdust, Sand, Gravel, Boulders, Pavers, Compost, Blended Soils, Retaining wall blocks & Caps and Stepping Stones. 


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